The Warmia Port

In the heart of Olsztyn, on the shores of the largest of the city’s sixteen lakes, a complex of prestigious apartment buildings is being constructed, an outstanding one in the entire region. Intimate and perfectly integrated into the Warmian landscape, the apartments will pamper you with luxury. The buildings, despite their modern architectural form, refer directly to the traditional architecture of Warmia and Mazury. The Warmia Port was designed with the highest comfort of living surrounded by nature in mind, without giving up the comfort of living in the city.

The Warmia Port is a top-class apartment complex. The investment stands out in the entire region, thanks to its unique location and the use of the most modern solutions. Construction started in 2020, the first stage of the investment will be completed in the second quarter of 2022. This stage includes the construction of two intimate apartment buildings in the first, there will be only 17 apartments, in the second – 19.

A number of pro-ecological solutions have been applied in both buildings: in underground garages, selected places will be equipped with electric car chargers, photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof and the electricity they generate will be used to illuminate the common areas (staircases, garage halls). So that the heat does not escape through the windows, each apartment will be equipped with aluminum window joinery, which is distinguished by excellent thermal insulation and resistance to weather conditions. The glazing will be of an above-standard size so that the residents can enjoy the unique views of Warmia’s nature.

The architectural style of the complex is a reference to the traditional Warmian architecture dominated by red brick and wood. For this reason, the facade of buildings will be made of these materials. The modern style of Glass balconies, illuminated with LED strips and equipped with aluminum handrails, will give a modern style to the Warmia Port.

The buildings will be made of the highest quality materials, and their finishes will be tasteful: the staircases will be lined with polished stone, the walls will be decorated with high-quality wallpapers with a Warmian nature theme, around the entrance doors to the apartments we will install decorative portals that will add style and elegance.


electric car chargers
photovoltaic installation
access to a nearby beach
conference room
air conditioning
relaxation area


  • an intimate investment. Building I – only 17 units, building II – 19 units
  • only three, above-ground storeys
  • apartments from 25 m2 to 110 m2

  • private gardens from 73 m2 to 200 m2
  • the highest quality of finish
  • terraces from 11 to 66
  • m2
  • illuminated glass balconies with aluminum handrails
  • underground garages
  • aluminum three-layer window joinery
  • architecture referring to the traditional Warmian buildings
  • stone and glass details on staircases
  • decorative door portals

From the apartment to the lake

The buildings of the Warmia Port will be surrounded by greenery and access to the lake several dozen meters away will be provided by walking paths. Along the pedestrian routes there will be numerous plantings adapted to the nature surrounding the buildings, making this place even more charmful.

A pier will be available for the residents of the Warmia Port, and a beach with a gentle descent into the water will be arranged on the shores of the lake.

Apartments in the Warmia Port

The area of ​​apartments in the Warmia Port will range from 25 to 110 m2. Each apartment will be equipped with C-class anti-burglary doors of above-standard size and panoramic, triple-pane aluminum windows. Each apartment can be optionally equipped with underfloor heating and air conditioning. Premises with terraces on the top floors will be air-conditioned as standard.

Ground-floor apartments will have terraces with private gardens ranging from 73 to 200 m2. On the upper floors, all apartments will have large, glazed balconies at their disposal. Two special apartments with access to the roof on which a terrace will be arranged will be built in each building.

Future residents will receive additional space in the form of storage rooms.

Facilities for residents

There will be a number of amenities in the Warmia Port for all residents. Residents will have access to a conference room, which will be adapted to the needs of remote office work or business meetings (including Wi-Fi, TV) and a relaxation zone with a pool table and a mini bar.

There will also be a traditional playground.

Parking spaces will be located both in the underground car park equipped with electric car chargers and in the external surface car park. You can buy a parking space in the garage.

The dynamic development of the city causes a constant increase in real estate prices. The latest “Housing Price Report” prepared by the portal indicates that in 2020 apartment prices in Olsztyn – compared to 2019 – increased by an average of 10% (depending on the size of the premises). The upward trend on the Olsztyn real estate market has continued for several years, which makes the purchase of a property here an excellent investment. An additional argument for investing capital in the Warmia Port is the constantly growing number of tourists who rest not only in small towns in the region, but also in Olsztyn itself – in the summer of 2020 as the only region in the country – Warmia and Mazury was visited by a larger number of guests, than in previous years.

The lifestyle in Olsztyn is conducive to tourism, because it allows you to enjoy an intimate rest in the bosom of nature during the day or enjoy the atmosphere of a resort, and in the evening to enjoy the highest quality metropolitan entertainment.

Why the Warmia Port?
– a dynamic increase in real estate prices in the region. In 2020, real estate prices in Olsztyn increased by an average of 10%,
– a constantly growing number of tourists in the Olsztyn poviat. In 2020, the region recorded an increase in the number of tourists compared to 2019,
capital investment for the future,
– safe investment; ownership premises.